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Jogo de Dinossauro - Donald Dino Dash

Jogo Donald Dino Dash - Oh, não! Donald foi lançado para outro tempo! O seu relógio do tempo foi quebrado e as suas partes estão espalhadas ao longo da linha temporal.

Ajude o Pato Donald a achar as peças do relógio para trazê-lo de volta para casa com segurança. O Professor Pardal estará olhando e ajudando de seu laboratório.

Donald Duck - Lost in time - Dino Dash - Oh no! Donald has been zapped to another time. His TIme-Watch has broken and the parts have been scattered across the timeline. Help him find the missing part of the Time-Watch to bring him back home safely. Gyro Gearloose will be watching and helping from his lab. Good Luck!

Use the arrows keys on the keyboard to move Donald. Collect Dinosaur Eggs for bonus points. Collect Hyperspeed power-up to jump higher for ten seconds. Collect the Mega power-up to make Donald invulnerable for ten seconds. Collect the +1 power-up to gain one additional life. Avoid enemy dinosaurs, cavemen or lava rocks or you will have to start over at the beginning of the level. Jump on top of enemy dinosaurs and cavemen to defeat them.