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Jogo do Dinossauro Rei: Desafio Dino
(Dinosaur King Game: Dino Dash)

Jogo do Dinossauro Rei: Desafio Dino - Jogue 'Dino Dash', um jogo em flash online grátis da série anime Dinossauro Rei ('Dinosaur King'), que já foi exibida no Brasil pelo canal de TV por assinatura Jetix, depois pela Disney XD, atualmente está na Rede TV no bloco TV Kids. Ajude todos os seus dinossauros favoritos: Chomp (Gabbu), Terry (T-Rex) e Paris (Parasaurolophus) a evitar os grandes dinossauros e a recolher os bônus itens enquanto você joga. Jogo online de dinossauro semelhante ao clássico Frogger, do famoso videogame Atari.

Dinosaur King Game: Dino Dash - This game looks like the classic Frogger (Atari Game) - Instructions - Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to get the dinos back to their homebases at the top...while avoiding all the obstacles! First, avoid any big dinosaurs on land by not touching them...then, get past the water by jumping on the logs...or the backs of the Parasaurolophus. But don't touch their heads! Finally, time your jump to land on the homebase! (without hitting the rocks around them!) Get more points in each of the 5 levels by: 1. Completing the levels as fast as you can! (Don't let the time run out on you!) 2. By not losing too many dinosaurs (when you lose three, the game ends!) 3. By getting one of the six bonus items ! (each bonus item lasts for only a short time, so get them before they disappear!)